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Project HOME
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[Image: Project HOME: Housing .Opportunities . Medical . Education] 00:02 Carol Thomas, Director of Homeless Services, Project HOME: "The Hub of Hope is in partnership with the city of Philadelphia and SEPTA is 00:08 really a microcosm of all the services 00:13 that Project HOME has throughout the city" 00:18 [Image: Serving 15,000 Philadelphians through: -17 residences -3 medical centers and Outreach, recovery, education, & employment services "We have outreach that comes down and we do 24 hour outreach 00:25 We connect people to housing 00:27 as well as the supportive services they need to maintain housing" 00:33 S. Mary Scullion, Executive Director, Project HOME: "We invite as many people and organizations that want to be a part of the solution to get involved 00:41 either by helping us to provide more affordable housing or more opportunities for employment 00:48 access to quality healthcare 00:50 and providing educational opportunities for both our students and adults." [Image: Our Goal: To be the first major city to end and prevent chronic street homelessness.] [Image: NONE OF US ARE HOME UNTIL ALL OF US ARE HOME ]
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