Emails and Speeches

Scheduled Emails
CFC Coordinators,
The following sets of weekly emails — each featuring a story and picture of someone who benefited from a CFC charity — can be downloaded, personalized, and sent to your colleagues during the campaign. These emails have been created to be relevant for the particular timeframe you are running your agency’s CFC drive. For example, if you’re running your campaign in October, you would want to download and use the October/November set of emails, which contain messages referencing Halloween, Veterans Day, etc. If your campaign begins in November, you’d want to download and use the November/December set of emails, which refer to Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday, the Holidays, etc. Don’t worry if the date of the emails doesn’t match up perfectly with when you are running your campaign – just change the date and send the email when it works for you. You are free to “mix and match,” so if you see an email from a different timeframe that appeals to you and your organization, feel free to use it!
Want us to send you these emails automatically so you don’t forget? Sign up here! (Note: we cannot customize the timing of the emails to exactly fit every agency’s schedule. If you sign up to receive automatic emails, you will receive them according to the schedule you choose below.)
October/November Email Schedule
General Emails, Memos and Speeches

Agency Results and Thank You
Email - CFC Final Week
Email - CFC Introduction
Email - CFC Spirit Week
Email - CFC Why How - Final
Email - Charity Fair Invite
Email - Holiday Giving
Email - Kickoff Invitation
Email - Overall CFC Results
Email - Pre-Campaign Announcement
Email - Spirit Week Overview
Email - Thanksgiving
Email - Volunteer Results
Email - Year End Giving
Memo - CFC Spirit Week
Memo - Finish Strong
Memo - Start Strongl
Speech - Finale
Speech - Kickoff
Speech - Mid Campaign